Dr Justin Carter

What I offer as a private consultant cardiologist ?.

I’ve been a Consultant Cardiologist since 2008. Recent enough to be fresh in my training but long enough to have gathered a breadth of experience.

I specialise in all aspects of adult cardiology with particular expertise in coronary heart disease. I focus on assessing and reducing risk factors for coronary heart disease (which causes angina and heart attack). I’m a specialist in making an accurate diagnosis (with skills in Cardiac CT) and in treating coronary disease with medical (tablet) therapy and coronary intervention (including stent implantation).

I’ve the knowledge and skills in cardiology - but as importantly, I’m easy to talk to and a good listener. I’ll listen carefully to your symptoms (or worries) about your heart. I’ll advise in a fair and balanced way, whether you should consider any investigation or treatment. I’ll explain in detail the likely future with and without these tests or treatments so you can come to an informed view on what you’d like to do. I won’t advise investigation or treatment that isn’t warranted, but I’ll be quick to implement anything that is. 

An important part of what I offer is time. Time to talk things through until you’re fully in the picture. Forget the rush of 10 minute appointments, you’ll have enough time with someone with knowledge and expertise to bring you right up to speed with whats happening. All at a time to suit you.

When it comes to considering special tests or treatment, I work for two of the biggest NHS trusts in the North East (at North Tees and James Cook) and each has their strengths. If you need specialised investigations and treatment, I will independently advise and guide you to most advanced cardiac scanners available and some of the country’s most high throughput and skilled cardiac catheter laboratories. You'll get carefully considered advice and prompt delivery of some of the worlds most up to date investigation and treatment to minimise your symptoms, reduce your risk of cardiac events and ease any worries about your cardiac health.