Dr Justin Carter

How to book an appointment


Patients with Private Healthcare Insurance:
Most private insurers require your GP to formally refer you to me by letter in order to be seen for a possible heart problem. If you’re an insured patient, see your GP, discuss why you’d like to be seen and ask to be referred to me for a private appointment. You’re likely to need a pre-authorisaton code from your insurer (see the ‘BIlling’ page) to bring with you on the appointment date.

Self Pay Patients:
For self paying patients, a GP referral is wise and I encourage it - it keeps your GP in the loop with whats happening and in many cases, your GP may be able to deal with the issue without referral or at the very least help summarise the current problem (so we best know how to investigate it when you get to clinic). However, where a GP referral isn't achievable, I accept self referred self paying patients. Ideally any self referral will be written - and will include the nature of the problem being investigated so we can plan what needs doing before you get to clinic.

If you’ve been referred to an NHS clinic already but wish to ‘switch’ to begin seen privately, I suggest you call my secretary (details below)

The Address for letters of referral is:
Dr J Carter
Consultant Cardiologist
University Hospital North Tees
TS19 8PE

My Secretary’s Phone Number is 01642 624579

Once you’ve made contact, my secretary will be in touch with you (often by email if possible) to coordinate dates and times convenient for you to be seen. She will send you information about fees and data protection for you to read and when you come to clinic, you’ll be asked to sign a patient agreement to show you’re happy with what’s on offer.