Dr Justin Carter


I have a good relationship with the NHS Trusts for whom I work.

You’ll get a single, simple cost estimate before being seen:
For my private outpatient clinic activity, I have an arrangement with North Tees Hospital which simplifies the process and billing for patients being seen privately.

When you make contact with me about being seen as a private patient, my secretary or I will give you a breakdown of the costs involved for the consultation and any tests involved. This breakdown will include all costs. The trust will bill me for the facilities and testing you receive and turn I will build this into the bill you receive from me.

With such a ‘unified’ billing structure, from the outset, before you are seen, you’ll have a complete picture of the entire costs of the process - with everything included - consultant hospital, technician and administrative fees all wrapped into a single figure.

Insured Patients;

For those with private insurance, your insurer may cover some or all of the costs of being seen by me privately. I am recognised by almost all major insurers. You’ll need to check with your insurer that they will cost the costs and wether they require you to have a ‘pre-authorisation code’ from them to give me to authorise the service. You will be liable for any and all fees not covered by your insurer.

Self-Paying Patients:

My fees (which include all hospital, technician and admin costs) are some of the keenest in the country. So seeing me as a cardiologist privately even if you have no insurance could well be less costly than you think. Before you’re seen, you’ll be given a breakdown of the total cost, which will be payable before or at the appointment (most forms of payment accepted.)

Billing Agreement:

Please review this Payments Agreement before your appointment. You will be emailed another copy of it before your appointment. The copy you are emailed/sent will have the costs of the investigations in the table whilst this web version does not. To show you’re happy with the billing agreement, you’ll be asked to sign a copy of this Patient Agreement at your appointment. The Patient Agreement incorporates acknowledgement of the payment agreement and the data protection statement (see the Data Protection page).