Dr Justin Carter

Feedback (and complaints)

Having a clear complaints procedure and giving patients the opportunity to provide feedback is not only good practice but is one of the points of regulatory inspection by external organisations such at the Competition and Markets Authority appointed Private Practice Network (which collects and makes public metrics of quality of private healthcare providers).

After your contact with the service I provide, You may be asked to provide feedback on your experience using this standard form. Of course the feedback can be given anonymously. Your feedback is really appreciated. Not only is it a regulatory requirement but Im genuinely interested in knowing what you felt went well and where you think I can improve.

Complaints (in the first instance) should be addressed to me

Dr J Carter
Consultant Cardiologist
University Hospital North Tees
TS19 8PE

I will reply within the required timeframe and you will be provided with details of how to escalate your complaint in the event that I provide a response that does not meet your expectations.